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ALERT, Inc. is a Pennsylvania house arrest and electronic home detention company. We provide cost effective house arrest and electronic monitoring services to magisterial district court systems throughout Pennsylvania including York, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Allentown. In addition, we also serve the York County, Lancaster County and Chester County.

Electronic Monitoring Saves Pennsylvania ThousandsElectronic Monitoring Pennsylvania

Judges, attorneys and legal industry professionals in Pennsylvania prefer Alert, Inc's electronic monitoring services because we allow the offender to stay out of prison to work, care for loved ones and be productive while saving taxpayers thousands of dollars per offender. Private electronic home monitoring saves taxpayers approximately $25,000 per year per offender.

Private Electronic Monitoring Facts

  • Costs Are Paid By The Offender
  • Ideal For Non-Violent Offenders
  • Active Within 24 Hours Of Sentencing
  • Multiple Technical Solutions For All Cases

How Does Pennsylvania House Arrest Work?

Within 24 hours of sentencing, ALERT is able to track clients with far more security than the traditional probation system, utilizing a tried-and-tested electronic monitoring system. With ALERT, Pennsylvania house arrest clients are allowed to leave their homes during set hours for work or school, counseling, church, and other court-ordered activities. If a violation occurs, ALERT notifies the Pennsylvania court as agreed.

House Arrest PennsylvaniaElectronic Monitoring For Non-Violent Criminals

Non-violent criminals are ideal for ALERT'S home detention services. Nationwide electronic monitoring / home detention / home confinement has proven to be an effective sentencing option for a variety of offenses deemed appropriate by the court, including but not limited to:

  • Violation of Probation
  • Forgery, Sex Offense, Trespassing, Contempt of Court
  • DWI, DUI, Bad Checks, Assault, Pre-trial Supervision, Work Release,
    Drug Offenses
  • In Lieu of Weekend Jail
  • Civil, Domestic Cases
  • Non-Support
  • Early Release
  • Driving with a Revoked License
  • Driving with a Suspended License Pretrial Screening

ALERT provides pre-trail evaluation services to objectively advise the defendant's attorney or the court about the likelihood of success with alternative sentencing.



Contact ALERT Today To Learn More

Established in 1985 Alert, Inc. is a trusted and reliable provider of electronic monitoring services to legal professionals and court systems throughout the States of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. For more information please contact Tim Schlauch at 1-877-293-1855 or 410-913-2828. You can also use our 24 hour Online Contact Form to contact Alert, Inc.

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