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Electronic Monitoring Equipment & Service

Alert, Inc. provides offender-paid monitoring systems that are affordable, flexible and extremely reliable. These electronic monitoring systems include Global Positioning System (GPS), Radio Frequency (RF), Voice Verification as well as remote alcohol monitoring (VICAP). Best of all, these systems allow Alert, Inc. to configure specific guidelines for each client such as exclusion zones, work schedules, court appearances, curfews and related items.

House Arrest Ankle Bracelet

OmniLink Ankle Bracelet
Electronic Monitoring Device

Omnilink’s offender monitoring solution with dual GPs and cellular technology pairs a revolutionary one-piece device with powerful tracking software. It tracks just as effortlessly indoors as it does outdoors. And it knows where offenders are around the clock. Omnilink’s solution even allows law enforcement to track how close in proximity offenders are to potential victims or other criminal cohorts.

  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Client / Victim Monitoring Feature
  • Definable Alerts
  • Tamperproof
  • Industry's longest battery life
  • No home unit, phone line, belt clip, battery pack, or car charger required
  • Easy To Use Software Management  
Home Monitoring

Watch Patrol
Electronic Monitoring Device

Watch Patrol offender watch and Home Monitoring Unit. Simple to install watch on ankle of offender. Transmitter is waterproof and tamperproof.

Home Monitoring Unit comes in standard or cellular version that is programed in the office or in the home of the participant. Standard unit plugs into any regular telephone jack and uses an 800 number for calls to avoid long distance charges.

The Cellular Home Monitoring Unit does not need phone lines or cellular phone. This unit works well for homes with digital telephone lines or homes with no telephone lines at all.

Alcohol Electronic MonitoringVI-CAP
Alcohol Electronic Monitoring Device

The VI-CAP Alcohol Monitoring Device provides a reliable and easy to use system for accurately testing offenders for blood alcohol content.

The system uses random or scheduled calls placed to the participant by a live monitoring center operator. The participant verification occurs via an active color video camera located at their location. The participant blows into the breathalyzer and holds up the numeric display result to the camera. A full color image of the participant’s face and the breathalyzer results are captured and provided immediately and interactively at the monitoring center. The device uses an actual hand-held breathalyzer to measure the offender's blood alcohol content percentage.

Violations are reported to the officer by email with a color photo of participant and the test results.

These are just a sampling of the latest technologies used by Alert, Inc. to provide effective electronic monitoring. To learn more about these products and services, please contact Tim Schlauch at 1-877-293-1855 or 410-913-2828. You can also use our 24 hour Online Contact Form to contact Alert, Inc.

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